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Get to know the beautiful Dyrøy island

Do you dream about an idyllic holiday in Northern Norway at a hidden gem that has not yet been discovered by everyone?

The island of Dyrøya is situated on the sheltered inner side of Senja. With its rich history and lush vegetation, Dyrøy is an important part of Senja in a tourism context. Dyrøy and Senja were closely linked from ancient times when the main access route was by sea and, at one stage, they were even parts of the same municipality – Tranøy. Dyrøy is now a separate municipality consisting of the island of Dyrøya, as well as the mainland area near Sørreisa on one side and Målselv and Salangen on the other. Dyrøy municipality borders Senja and the Harstad archipelago on the sea route.

It’s well worth spending a couple of nights in Dyrøy and going on some wonderful walks. Examples include hiking up the mountain peaks Dyrøygommen and Børringen, walking on the coastal path to Berg and the Hagenes coastal fort and the beautiful coastal path out to Kvalnes, with the option of continuing to Hållksla. 

Little beats walking up Dyrøygommen in the Midnight Sun, hearing the pebbles on the pebbled beaches on the outermost part of Dyrøya clinking with the waves or experiencing the mighty landscape from the top of Børringen.

Owing to the unique grazing conditions here, the local sheep farmers have won several awards for excellent meat quality. The food quality is so important in this small place that there is even a small local food supplier, Dyrøymat, which is well worth visiting. They sell local food products such as fenalår (cured legs of mutton), pinnekjøtt (salted and dried lamb ribs) and other local delights.

The three excellent places to stay – Attme HaveCamp Solbergfjord and Jæger Adventure Camp – have much to offer.