Peter Lündstrøm
©Peter Lundström, Camp Steinfjord

Fishing trips

With it’s rich and cold ocean, the Senja region is the preferred destination amongst fishing enthusiasts. Here you can catch cod, pollock, redfish, haddock, catfish, halibut and other fish species. Our providers are experts in finding the very best fishing spots. If you are lucky, you may encounter other Arctic wildlife during your fishing trip, such as sea eagles, porpoises and seals. Also, you get to experience the Senja region's unique and magnificent nature with chalk-white beaches, turquoise sea and majestic mountains.

Come fishing in the winter, and maybe you’ll get a big cod on the hook! In the months from January to April, the cod come to Northern Norway in order to spawn, and there is now a chance to catch this delicious fish. In addition, it is the Northern Lights season which means that you can fish during the day and enjoy the Northern Lights in all it’s glory in the evening.

In summer you can go out at night and fish in the golden colors from the Midnight Sun. There is also a rich selection of mountains and hiking areas you can visit when you are not out fishing.

Combine your fishing holiday with a stay at one of our many accommodation facilities. In the Senja region you will find a wide selection of hotels, fisherman's cabins, cottages, houses, apartments and campsites. Most offer boat rentals with or without a guide, and can give you good advice on using the right equipment based on which fish species you want to catch.

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