Ånderdalen National park ©Cathrine Solstrand
©Cathrine Solstrand

Hiking & biking


The Senja region offers extraordinary hiking opportunities for all levels! Go to Fjordgård for a hike up the iconic mountain Segla. If you want a challenge, set your sights on reaching the summit of Sukkertoppen. If you prefer an easier hike, Husfjellet is a good alternative. In Ånderdalen National Park, you will find several marked hiking trails and picnic areas. Feel the sand between your toes on the beach in Bøvær or take a refreshing dip in the cold, turquoise sea. A visit to the magnificent and lush island of Dyrøy, located between Senja and the mainland, is also a must. The best hiking experiences here include Børringen and Dyrøygommen.

Plan well and take precautions. Read more on www.varsom.no.


Bring your own bike or rent a bike at one of our local suppliers, and ride along the Norwegian Scenic Route. Here you can also find the National cycle route 1 - The coastal route. The national cycle routes guide you between cities and regions in Norway, avoiding most roads with heavy traffic. You can cycle along fjords and across mountains.

The spectacular viewpoints and dramatic mountains rising directly from the sea mean a high Instagram factor is guaranteed along the way. Take a break at the rest area by Tungeneset and enjoy the view of the Okshornan mountain range. A photo stop at the viewpoint in Bergsbotn is a must. When you reach Ersfjorden, you can enjoy the white sandy beach with multiple adapted campfire sites. If you need a toilet break along the way, then the gold-plated public toilet at the beach Ersfjordstranda is an attraction in itself.


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