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How to get around in the Senja region

Senja is Norway's next largest island and the best way to get around is by car. If you want to explore the island you can spend several days bicycling or hiking across the island. Many of our suppliers has e-bikes for rental - to get close to the raw and wild landscape and nature. 

If you arrive Finnsnes (the city next to Senja) by express boat or Hurtigruten you will need transportation to your Senja location. We recommend that you contact your host to see if they can provide pick-up services as there are long distances, and the bus routes will not always correspond with the boats.  


You will find more information on buses on



More information on buses at

Buses in Senja region


We recommend always keep yourself updated on the latest traffic announcements at the  Veitrafikksentralen - here you will find information about road work and closed roads.

Note that part of the scenic route Fv.861 between Mefjordbotn and Senjahopen will be completely closed until November 1st. You can make a detour via Gibostad and Skaland to get to Senjahopen and Mefjordvær.



Most of the resorts have pick up service to/from accommodation and activities. 


For private transportation, try calling the following:

Senja turbil on +47 941 97 333 

Skrolsvik kystferie tlf. 958 81 160

Wandering Owl tlf. 484 60 081



AVIS Finnsnes

Senja Caravan 

Midt-Troms Bruktbilutleie