Summer Night Hike
Summer Night Hike
Summer Night Hike
Summer Night Hike

Summer Night Hike

Wandering Owl

This summer activity offers a unique hiking experience in the light of the midnight sun
Haven't you ever wished to see the sun that never sets? How about gazing at majestic sceneries of mountains and fjords from a viewpoint? Up here you can have both. Come and take a walk with us in the light of the arctic summer night and experience nature a little bit closer. Wilderness is just around the corner! If you think laying back to watch the midnight sun is not fun enough for you... If you feel like exploring a little bit further, coming closer to nature and being rewarded by an amazing view from a height, this may just be the midnight sun activity that you are looking for. On this easy hike up a small mountain you will be able to shake the dust off your shoulders, breathe in fresh air and be amazed by what these Norwegian landscapes have to offer... all this in the warm colours of a never-ending sunset.

Safety considerations: The tour involves hiking; the conditions may be icy, slippery, uneven, muddy, a bit snowy, hot, humid, windy or otherwise. The temperatures may be cold and windy please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing and have ample water for the activity. Wandering Owl has appropriate liability insurances, but please ensure you have your own medical and travel insurance, just as you would normally have.

Practical information:
Included: Photos of the tour in web-sized resolution, a guide to safely show you the way, light meal, homemade snacks & hot chocolate
Please bring: Appropriate clothing.
Number of participants: 3-8
Level of difficulty: Medium
Departure time and place: 8 pm (20:00), Senja Roasters, Stonglandseidet or as individually agreed
Duration: 5 hours
Adresse: Tranøyveien 3935, Stonglandseidet