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Mefjord Brygge på Senja

Mefjord Brygge on Senja

Welcome to Mefjord Brygge!
We are an active holiday destination located on northern side of Senja island. It is where the ocean, beautiful fjords, midnight sun and northern lights will take your breath away.
At Mefjord Brygge you will be part of Mefjordvær, a charming local village of about 150 inhabitants. Believe it or not, but the history of our settlement has been traced back to the Stone Age. We have various legends and stories related to the village that are very interesting to explore, among them Knutskjærringa, Russehula and Munken.

Mefjord Brygge has local ownership and it has a close connection to the village and North Norwegian traditions. The resort has been built gradually over the years. As of today, we offer 145 beds which are arranged in newly built hotel rooms, comfortable apartments and holiday houses. We can offer accommodation for small and large groups, families or if you want a romantic trip as well.

Mefjord Brygge is a great starting point for exploring Senja in your preferred style: on foot, by bike, or by car, or from the other perspective. We offer rental boats for fishing at some of the Norway’s best fishing grounds just outside our fjord. Besides standard boats, we also offer deluxe Big Boat trips with a captain for fjord safaris or fishing for up to 12 people.

In our new ‘Salteriet Restaurant and Bar’ we focus on local and traditional food with modern touch. We want to showcase the rich coastal culture in our cozy and informal restaurant where you will find many objects and pictures from the past of Mefjordvær. You can enjoy outdoor seating on the terrace, or have a good drink served by a bartender in our stylish bar.

Directly across Mefjord Brygge, on the other side of the fjord you will see Nordlandet. It is a beautiful and dramatic mountain range where the famous mountains Segla and Hesten are located. In the same fjord you will find Barden, Kyle and Breitinden, Senja's highest mountain - which offers many great opportunities for mountain hikes. It is a short way to the popular Ersfjord beach and other highlights along the national tourist route. Senja is an eldorado for photos and experiences of mighty nature.

Mefjordvær has many hiking opportunities that start easily from Mefjord Brygge and are suitable for everyone. There are also plenty of marked trails just outside Mefjordvær where you can immerse yourself and visit small fishing lakes, listen to the sound of rivers or take a break at one of the shelter huts where you can also make a bonfire.

Finish off your adventures of the day by having a memorable experience in our outdoor jacuzzi or relaxing in the sauna.

If you wish to combine your visit with a business trip, then we would be very happy to offer our state-of-the-art conference facilities. Our conference package will be perfectly suited to your needs.

One of our most easily accessible highlights is an evening trip to nearby hilltop Knuten. It takes just 15 minutes by walk and you will be struck by the incredible breathtaking view of the ocean and fjord from the top. If you are in the right time, you may also see the midnight sun or the northern lights. Open your senses and hear the elements of nature!

Sustainability and taking good care of our beautiful nature is one of our priorities. We encourage our guests to not leave any imprints on nature. You will find rubbish bins and a public toilet in the village.

Enjoy amazing natural environment in a responsible way - so that future generations can also experience the same magic of pure untouched nature.
Address: Mefjordveien 1947, 9386 Senjahopen
Phone: +47415 49 100