Winter activities

Mefjord Brygge

Freeski, snowboard, spotting northern lights and other activities
Freeride skiing / snowboarding

Some mountains allow for all winter freeriding and going off-piste. There is no lifts around. You will have to climb your mountain, tstop for a minute without thinking about anything at the top, take a deep breath and feel the adrenalin of going down in fresh powder, most likely being the only one in the area. The avalanche equipment and appropriate mountaineering experience is essential. We can arrange a guide for you and your group.

The most reliable information about current avalanche information you will find here:

Spotting northern lights

Starting from late summer throughout fall and winter we have excellent possibilities to see Northern Lights. Thanks to our remote location there is no light pollution and on a good weather day the sky is perfectly clear.

Knuten, Tungeneset or Bergsbotn are some of the excellent nearby places to spot the northern lights.

Humpback and killer whales come to Mefjord in December and stay by the coast of Senja until early February.

Some of the activities can be done individually on a self-guided basis, but in order to make best of your stay

Our best-value 3 days package is for those who like to experience the phenomenal Northern Lights, spot humpback and killer whales, untouched Norwegian nature, Arctic Colors, snowshoeing and marine landscape.

More information about our best-value Winter Activity Package

Other winter Activities

Cross-country skiing in Mefjordvær

Cross-country skiing – during winter season we have around 5 km of cross-country tracks prepared with a snowmobile. It is meant to be for classic skiing, however sometimes the snow conditions allow for skating in the open area as well. The tracks go all around Mefjordvær, pass a couple of lakes and touch the foothills of nearby mountains. The gateway is just outside Mefjord Brygge.

Climbing / ice climbing – long winter on Senja and its diversified terrain allow for practicing winter mountaineering. You can choose from ice-climbing, waterfall climbing, deep snow and top-tour skiing adventure. We cooperate with experienced guides and can organize a tour adjusted to your skills and needs. We can arrange all the winter climbing and security equipment you will need for this sort of activities.

Sea-fishing – for more adventurous fishermen we have an opportunity to fish in winter. This time of the year it might be cold and the water might be capricious, but this is all about the adventure. Usually early March and April allow for going out on on, it is also the time of the year when the biggest fish come.
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