Wandering Owl - Kayak wetcard

Wandering Owl - Kayak wetcard

Introduction course to sea kayaking

This short course gives you an introduction to sea kayaking and the equipment used, and is the first course in the NPF training ladder, known as the Wetcard (Våttkort).
The course focuses on maneuvering the kayak through simple practical exercises, so that after completion you will feel comfortable in the kayak. You will also learn how to get out of the kayak in case of a capsize. The aim is to have a fun introduction to sea kayaking that will motivate you for further training.

At the end of the course you will receive a Wetcard (Våttkort) with a sticker to confirm completion of the Introduction Course (Introduksjonskurs). The next step is to take the Basic Course (Grunnkurs). Many kayak rental operators in Norway require you to have a wetcard before renting out kayaks.

The training agency for the course is the Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF) and all courses provided by Wandering Owl or Wild Lab Projects follow training standards, with a qualified Activity Leader as your instructor.

Prerequisites: Be a confident swimmer, to have no major shoulder, neck or back injuries that would impede paddling or climbing in and out of the kayak.

Safety considerations: The course is an active, in water activity and involves some walking (at least 200m) and handling/carrying equipment; the conditions may be icy, slippery, uneven, muddy, snowy, or otherwise. The temperatures may be cold (sometimes below 0) or could be warm. Please ensure you are wearing appropriate clothing underneath your drysuit and bring a change of clothes for afterwards.

What are the skills acquired during the course

• Lifting, carrying and launching kayaks.
• Paddle forward with the right course.
• Stop.
• Swing the kayak both ways.
• Back paddling.
• Walk around and get out of the kayak in the water satisfactory.
• Landing
• Sitting position and good paddling technique
• Introduction to how to increase safety when paddling.
• Knowledge of local paddling conditions.

Included: Drysuits & boots (adult sizes only), kayaks and necessary equipment, biscuits & hot chocolate, wet card certification cards and registration.
Address: Senja Roasters, 9392 Stonglandseidet
Phone: +474846 0081