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Skagi Senja hotel & lodge

Skagi Senja hotel & lodge

Skagi Senja hotel & lodge is located on the rough and spectacular west coast of Norway's second largest island, Senja.
Experience living in the middle of the small, pleasant, local community Skaland, at the foot of the Norwegian Queen’s favorite mountain - Husfjellet. The stunning viewpoints in Bergsbotn and Tungeneset, Ersfjord beach and not least the magical, beautiful Bergsfjord are just around the corner.

Skagi is located at the foot of one of the most popular summit destinations on Senja. Right outside the door you will find the starting point of the mountain Husfjellet. The view from Husfjellet is a spectacular experience that we highly recommend. You can hike up the mountain both summer and winter.

You can pursue your own activities and rent equipment with us. You can also choose to participate in wonderful and safe experiences at the sea or on land, organized by our partners.

As a couple or solo traveler, you are welcome to stay in one of our six hotel rooms, where breakfast is included. Families, small groups, or couples on activity holidays often enjoy staying together in our cozy cabins.

In our restaurant, Flo table & bar, you can enjoy good local food and drink, catch your breath and warm up a bit before embarking on new adventures.

The hosts are happy to share their local knowledge and give you a warm welcome to the fairytale island of Senja!
Address: Bergsfjordveien 1787, 9385 Skaland
Phone: +47975 92 929