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Senja Opplevelser AS

Lavvu, BBQ cabin and sauna
We arrange guided trips to a lavvu (Sami herdsmen’s tent) a 30-minute walk from the resort. This activity is available year-round.
Price: NOK 1,200 per person including guide, hot drinks, light meal, warm thermal suit and tripod

Our BBQ cabin is 25 sqm and has space for up to 20 people. When not being used for events, the cabin serves as our reception.
Price: NOK 2,500 per group (lower price for small groups). We can assist with BBQ food, catering, etc. (price on request).

Wood-fired sauna with space for four people. An outdoor shower with heated water is available until the service building is completed.
Price for up to two hours: NOK 200, including fire wood. If you wish to spend longer in the sauna, you can buy additional firewood at reception.
Address: Valvågveien 474, 9392 Stonglandseidet
Phone: +47901 15 428