Senja Opplevelser AS

Boat rental
From 15 March 2018, we will have four boats available for rental.
Hansvik boat (18ft, 50hp, echo sounder/GPS/plotter): NOK 6,200
Kværnø boat (19ft, 60hp, echo sounder/GPS/plotter): NOK 6,900
Kværnø boat (20ft, 75hp, echo sounder/GPS/plotter): NOK 7,600
This area is excellent for deep-sea fishing. The Andfjord, which is 40 minutes by boat, is a renowned fishing ground. Slightly closer, there are also extremely good fishing grounds for halibut, cod, redfish and saithe (coalfish). We know the best fishing spots, so please feel free to ask!

Fish cleaning facilities will be set up on the quay. This is also a great place to catch your breath and enjoy the wonderful view after a long fishing trip.