Boat rental in southern Senja

Senja Arctic Lodge

Boat rental for sea fishing
We have 5 boats for rent :

4 boats : 19 feet Kværnø, 60 HP engine , echo sounder ,GPS, plotter: NOK 900/ 6700 (day/week)
1 boat: 21 feet Kværnø , 75 hp engine , echo sounder, GPS, plotter: NOK 1000/ 7200 (day/ week)

The seafishing is good in this area, and short distance to the Fishing hot spots. Its Rich With cod, pallock, halibut, tusk, redfish aso.
We can show you the hotspots.

From October to April, we store the boats on shore , so we do not rent them out in Winter.

On the pier there is a small house for cleaning the fish or make filets. Or you can just chill and enjoy the weather and the amazing view.