SalMar Salmon Center

Learn about the aquaculture industry at SalMar Salmon Center!
At the SalMar Salmon Center you can learn more about the Norwegian aquaculture industry. Through exciting experiences on land and at sea, our visitors get an insight into modern and sustainable food production.

What technology does the industry use? What is a “smolt”? And what does salmon feed really smell like? At SalMar Salmon Center you will get the answer. Our interactive exhibition gives you a broad introduction to the Norwegian aquaculture industry.

You will also learn how SalMar remotely feeds its fish-farms using high-tech solutions. The youngest children can frolic in their own underwater playroom.

The center has a state-of-the-art kitchen with a 24-visitor capacity. We are more than happy to show you how to make simple and exciting salmon dishes. How about sushi? Or maybe salmon tacos?

Furthermore, we offer an exciting fast-paced trip with a RIB out to the salmon's home - the sea facilities. Here you will gain firsthand experience by seeing how the salmon live in the facility.

All activities are led by the company of our knowledgeable guides.

Stop by our experience center at Finnsnes or get in touch to book a tailor-made trip into the world of salmon!
Address: Bernhard Lunds vei 4, 9300 Finnsnes