Naust Cabin - Norwegian Wild
Naust Cabin - Norwegian Wild
Naust Cabin - Norwegian Wild
Naust Cabin - Norwegian Wild

Naust Cabin - Norwegian Wild

When simplicity and modernization play along with nature, we get the real experience.
Sitt down and enjoy the close to nature experience in this cabins where simplicity and modernization play along with nature. From the big windows the nature plays the main role inside.

This accommodation is truly special and gives you the feeling of being a part of the nature elements from the inside. The view is beautiful and breathtaking and brings you closer to Senja. This cabin has it own jacuzzi you can use.


Double bed
Bathroom with toilet and shower
Outdoor jacuzzi
Wool slippers
Smal fridge
Water boiler
Instant coffee and te
Breakfast in Hyttekroa cafè is included
Check in: 15:00 (3 pm) - Check out: 12:00 (12 am)

Get back in touch with nature in our Nauste cabins.
Naust means boat house in Norwegian. They are for storing boats and fishing gear. They are always located with the sea or lakes in Norway. Therefore we do our very best to let you enjoy the wonderful, ambient landscape of Senja at the doorstep of you own Nauste in authentic atmosphere.

Let the calm of the Senja wilderness ease your mind. We are located at Norway's second largest island, Senja. At our camp you can enjoy the coast landscape and fjords right at the doorstep of Ånderdalen National Park and the fjord Tranoybotn. The area offers fantastic hiking trips both in summer and winter, guided tours as kayak, snowshoeing and hikes.

Choose between the cabins Kveita, Torsken, Seien og Silda.
Address: Tranøyveien 2002, 9304 Vangsvik
Phone: 004791635760