Aurora Sea View hytter hos Norwegian Wild
Aurora Sea View hytter hos Norwegian Wild
Aurora Sea View hytter hos Norwegian Wild
Aurora Sea View hytter hos Norwegian Wild

Aurora Sea View cabins at Norwegian Wild

A close-to-nature experience in unique cabins
The Aurora Sea View cabins are one of a kind, with a breathtaking view.
In these newly constructed, comfortable cabins you can relax completely while enjoying the calm scenery outside. A modern and clean design highlights the breathtaking surroundings. The seafront location, combined with the large panoramic windows, brings you closer to Senja.
A private, seaview jacuzzi outside, lets both body and soul rest after an active days outdoors.

Panoramic windows and skylight window
Outdoor jacuzzi
Underheated floors all over
Comfortable armchairs
Double bed
Bathroom with hairdryer, toilet and shower
Woolen slippers
Water kettle and a selection of instant coffee and tea
Breakfast in Hyttekroa cafè is included
Check in: 16:00 (3 pm) - Check out: 12:00 (12 am)

The Aurora Sea View cabins are inspired by the classic, North-Norwegian boathouse, where fishermen stored their boat and fishing equipment. You can see these red boathouses along the coastline, where they are still in use by the families owning them. The locals deeply respect the force of the ocean and nature and the coastal culture lies in their blood. From this perspective, we named the cabins after the four most significant species of fish, the halibut, the cod, the saithe (coalfish) and the herring (in Norwegian language: Kveita, Torsken, Seien, Silda).

Norwegian Wild is located in Tranøybotn, Senja, a calm area but still in middle of the wild of Senja. You will have the fjord on one side and find the entrance to the Ånderdalen National Park on the other side. The possibilites for hiking and outdoors activities in all seasons are good. You can book guidet kayak adventures, snowshoe hikes and mountainhiking with us.
The Hyttekroa cafè offers a cosy place for a coffee and other servings, as well as a selection of gifts and others.

Welcome to stay at Norwegian Wild!
Address: Tranøyveien 2002, 9304 Vangsvik
Phone: 004791635760