Nordlys over hav og fjell
Hundeslede og telt i snødekt landskap
Inne i oppoldsområdet på Posthuset Expedition Lodge
Et måltid pent anrettet på en tallerken
Fjellrekken "oks-hornan" med snø på
Et koselig dekket frokostbord
Hurtigruten nærmer seg Tromsø Havn
Halefinne til en hval
Tungeneset - utsiktspunkt på Nasjonal turistvei Senja
Månelys over et juletre
Alaska husky hundeslede i et solfylt og snødekket landskap
En truck og gjester under nordlyset

5 days New Year expedition with whale watching, dogsledding and northern lights on Senja

Basecamp Senja

Welcome to an exiting all inclusive 5 days New Year expedition with whale-safari, dogsledding and northern lights on Senja island.
This tour is conducted by Basecamp Senja. Join in on this new year expedition at the adventure island Senja. This package includes all the amazing highlights of the Arctic winter: whale watching (fromTromsø on the first day), dogsledding, northern lights chases, fjord cruise, Scenic Route Senja, accommodation, all meals, lecture, coffee/tea during your stay, transport Tromsø-Senja.

Day 1: 30th of December. Whale watching from Tromsø
Meals: Dinner
08:00 (am): The expedition starts in Tromsø with whale watching to Skjervøy. Departure at 08 am from the dock in Tromsø city centre. The last seasons the whales have arrived north in the fjords of Skjervøy. Both humpback whales and orcas come into the fjord to feed on herring. The traditional season for whale watching is November – mid/end of January. The boat is a big boat, with a warm room inside and café. You will be back in Tromsø latest 17:00 (5 pm). Please note, nothing is sure with nature - the whale activities have been taken place in the fjords around Skjervøy the last seasons. We know more in the beginning of November how the season seems to be.

18:00 (6 pm): The expedition continues to Senja, the adventure island, with spectaculare nature, just south of Tromsø. Departure Taxi from Tromsø havn Prostneset to Skaland Senja (3 hours).

You arrive at Posthuset Expedition Lodge in Senja, and the village Skaland. It will be an experienced and friendly guide / host with you almost all the time. Three meals a day, as well as coffee / tea as much as you want throughout your stay. We serve homemade North Norwegian food. Warm lunch and dinner.

Two nights we go out hunting for the magic of the Northern Lights. Senja has a very good locations to get the ultimate Northern Lights experience from spectacular viewpoints. Through the expedition in Senja you will get two activities every day. Morning and evening.
Several lectures along the expedition. Accommodation at Posthuset Expedition Lodge or at Bedehuset Lodge (100 meter between two lodges). Bedehuset has double rooms with private bathrooms. Choose what accommodation you prefer.

Day 2: 31st of December. Dogsledding and New Years eve
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
We bring you to Senja's own dog farm, where you are greeted by 35 eager huskies who are looking forward to taking you on a sled ride - into nature. The trip is calculated about 2-3 hours. You will get a warm suit for the trip. We provide transfer go and return to the dog farm (approx. 50 minutes one way). This activity starts early morning

New years eve: We serve traditional new year dinner; salt and dried lamb ribs, pork ribs, rotmos (root vegetable mash), potato and salad. Vegetarian food can be provided. We welcome the new year with fireworks and bonfires outside.

Day 3: 1st of January. Scenic Route Senja
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
We bring you to the fantastic viewpoints along Scenic Route Senja. Perhaps the roughest nature in Northern Norway. Bring your camera!

In the evening we go hunting for the magical northern lights.

Day 4: 2nd of January: Fjord Cruise
Fjord cruise in the beautiful Bergsfjorden in open Zodiac boat, during the tour we look for the great white-tailed eagles and the cute seals. We will also share the history of Senja. Dress warm inner and mid layer, and we will provide a suit for you at this fjord cruise. Warm lunch at the lodge after the tour.

Northern lights safari in the evening.

We may change the days of the different adventures - in terms of weather and wind.

Day 5: 3d of January.
08:00 (am) Breakfast and lunch-bag.
09:30 (am) Departure from the lodge
11:30 (am) Departure Hurtigruten from Finnsnes – the world's most beautiful voyage..
14:15 (2.15 pm) Arrival Tromsø

incuded in the expedition:
4 x breakfast 4 x lunch 4 x dinner and dessert
4 x accommodation
1 x whale watching (Tromsø)
2 x northern lights safari
1 x fjord cruise i Bergsfjorden
1 x Scenic Route Senja
1 x dog sledding
2-3 lectures
coffee/tea during your stay
Transfer go/return to the dog sledding activity
Transport Tromsø-Senja

Not included:
Meal on the whale watching tour on the first day.
Transport Finnsnes port Hurtigruten– Tromsø. You can buy your ticket at or We can also help you with booking the ticket when you arrive.

When we receive your booking, we will send you a list of what you should pack, and complementary program day by day. Welcome to a spectacular New year expedition on the beautiful island, Senja phone +47 91709618
Designed for adventure!

Please bring: warm clothes
Number of participants: max 10
Level of difficulty: easy
Departure time and place: (after whale watching Tromsø) Taxi Tromsø-Senja Departure time: 18:00 (6PM) You will find the maxi taxi near the Edge Hotel
Duration: 5 days and 4 nights.
Address: Posthuset Expedition Lodge, 9385 Skaland
Phone: +47917 09 618