Senja ⓒ Daniel Kordan
©Senja ⓒ Daniel Kordan


Whether you want to share your summer Adventure with family, or friends, there are many hidden gems and amazing landscapes in the region where you can experience memorable summer days and nights!


Gather your friends for tasty food, close to nature in beautiful surroundings in Senja and Dyrøy!  Hike up to spectacular views, walk coastal paths with exiting cultural landscapes and great fishing opportunities. Your adventure starts here!

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It is a very short distance from the urban city to the wild nature. Food and drink experiences, boat trips (kayak, RIB, fjord cruise, fishing), mountains, and white beaches on Kvaløya/Sommarøy.

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Polaria, Nordnorsk Vitensenter (The Science Centre of Northern Norway), Tromsø Museum, the husky café (Tromsø Villmarkssenter), bear cubs in the Polar Park, great nature experiences (all within different difficulty levels), and many other adventures to experience together with your family await you in Tromsø.

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In the Lyngenfjord area you can share challenging and original tours together with your friends. Hiking in the Lyngen Alps, river boat trips in Reisa National Park, hiking to glaciers, Treriksrøysa (where the borders between Norway, Finland and Sweden meet), or adventurous accommodation and kayaking - lots of exiting adventures to be experienced together. There are also several nice and cozy accommodation facilities which are perfect for relaxation in good company with your friends.

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In the nature surrounding Lyngenfjorden you can have the meaningful, educational and adventurous vacation together with your familiy. Go on an action filled river-boat tour to spectacular Mollisfossen, or join an organized overnight tour specially made for children. Combined with the familiy-friendly accommodations in the region, your children will have an experience they will never forget.

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Experience the bear cubs in Polar Park, take the cable car to Narvikfjellet (the Narvik mountain), visit the Linken Climbing Park, go hiking, or try the biking trails for children. Go hammocking in the beautiful Efjord, or hike on the Navvy road, combined with the amazing Ofoten Railway.

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For the active group of friends, feel like a peek explorer on one of Narvik's many summits available for all levels. Go on a fishing adventure, enjoy Northern Norwegian cuisine and create spectacular memories with your friends.

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