Kayakkpadling på turkist hav, fjell i bakgrunnen
Kajakker på strandet, fjell i bakgrunnen
Deltakerne forbereder seg til kajakkturen på en hvis sandstrand

Guided kayak trip

Arctic Guide & Visit - the real experience AS

This tour is conducted by Arctic Guide & Visit - the real experience located in Dyrøy. Kayaking is an amazing way to experience the North Norwegian nature.
You can move without making a sound, becoming one with nature in a unique way. Because of this, animals can be studied up close without disturbing them. This is truly an amazing way to breathe and relax, while getting an unforgettable nature experience.

Meeting point is at our farm at Finnefjell, where we will hand out all necessary equipment needed for kayaking. Together we will decide where todays kayaking trip will take place, taking the weather and wind conditions in consideration. Before the kayaking starts, we will give you an introduction on kayaking. No experience required.

Included: basic training, kayak and drysuit, all required safety equipment, hot drink and "lefse" (traditional sweet Norwegian pastry)
Please bring: woolen inner layers to wear under the drysuit, an extra change of clothing, lunch pack and cold drink
Number of participants: 2-8
Level of difficulty: medium
Departure time and place: 10:00AM (10:00) from our farm at Finnefjell in Dyrøy. Address: Finnefjellveien 208, 9311 Brøstadbotn
Duration: 3 hours

Please note that this acitivity takes place in beautiful Dyrøy which is located approximately 18,5 miles from Tromsø. The Activity does not include transfer.
Address: Finnefjellveien 208, 9311 Brøstadbotn
Phone: 47900 80 957