Fiske fra magiske Mikkelbostad
Fiske fra magiske Mikkelbostad

Dyrøy Holliday (copy)

Dyrøy Holiday

Welcome to a memorable fishing holiday at Mikkelbostad!
Mikkelbostad is situated at the southern end of the inner coast of the island of Dyrøya in Dyrøy a. Right back to the Stone Age, Mikkelbostad has been known as a sheltered harbour and a base for fishing trips at sea.
Mikkelbostad offers many opportunities for people seeking a holiday by the seaside. You can relax in peaceful surroundings, while you fish by boat or from the land. During the summer months, you can enjoy the Midnight Sun on the beach or barbecue a steak on the coastal rocks while the seabirds keep you company.
If you want to stretch your legs, you can hike on one of the many trails in the island’s diverse landscape. If you climb the mountain Dyrøygommen, you will be rewarded with majestic views!
Visit Dyrøy in the summertime and relax while you seek the big cod. We know where you will find it!

Dyrøy offers many opportunities for deep-sea fishing.
If you hire a boat, you can fish for a variety of fish species in the sound, Dyrøysundet, or one of the nearby fjords – Faksfjord, Solbergfjord or Tranøyfjord. You can catch cod, saithe (coalfish), redfish, flounder, halibut, tusk, ling and herring using a rod, trolling line or hand line. If you head to one of good fishing spots like Solberggrunnen, Medfjerdingen, Laggen, Klakken or Klauvgrunnen, you will have great chances of landing a good catch. We know the best fishing spots, so feel free to ask!
Address: Mikkelbostadveien 357, 9311 Brøstadbotn