Dyrøy is the perfect retreat if you want great experiences from Norway in a short amount of time. All of Norways best features gathered in one small area.

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Dyrøy translates to Animal (dyr) island (øy).  It is believed that it's possible that it's called Dyrøy because Tore Hund (historical viking from the area) used the island for his reindeer. From old times the word "dyr" would often mean reindeer. It's even believed by some that his treasure was left in Dyrøy- or in one of the surrounding island. 

The island itself is filled with pieces of history- both from as far back as the stoneage, as well as from WW2 until today. 

During WW2 there was built bunkers and a fort at Hagenes. The bunkers at Hagenes are easy to visit, there is only a 4 km walk from Mikkelbostad where you can park your car. But there are no toilets here- the closest public one is right after the bridge on a rest stop.

Remember; What you bring out in our nature you also have to bring back. There is a fragile wildlife that have to be taken care of. It is expected that tourists respect our nature- and when it is you are very welcome to enjoy our beautiful nature! 


If you want to experience the midnight sun or the northern lights, beautiful fall leaves or spring Dyrøy is a lovely place to do so. Depending on the season this area actually got it all. There is the majestic mountain tops.

Dyrøy is still so new as a traveldestination that it is the perfect location for you who want to experience Northern Norway at it's real core. Here you'll see the authentic life of norwegians. A small community with only 1138 inhabitants.