How do I get there?

A great deal of both Senja and Dyrøy is only available by car so you should either bring your own car or rent a car to explore this area further. If you're sporty this is a great area to explore by bicycle. In the summer you can get to Senja by ferry on Brensholmen. There is also a passengerboat between Tromsø - Finnsnes - Brøstadbotn (Dyrøy) - Engenes - Harstad. You can check if you can travel by bus or boat to your location HERE.

The wonderful accomodations in our area will be happy to tell you the best way of getting to their location. You can find the best place to sleep while you're here -- HERE PS; You can see the accomodations in the map on the left sidebar.

Nearest Airport

We have three great airports in the area; Bardufoss is the nearest one. Both Tromsø and Evenes are about 2-3 hour drives away but both are great options if you want to rent a car and take a closer look in surrounding areas.

Is it difficult to travel here?

No, its easy to find your location. Your accomodation will be happy to help you find your way, and they are often very helpful in giving local information and tips giving you the perfect stay with lots to explore.

Are Northern Lights common in Senja or Dyrøy? 

Yes, it is very common to see the northern lights. The season lasts from September to as late as April if you're lucky. We have great conditions to see the northern lights, depending on weather and solarstorms ofcourse. There are apps that can tell you when and where you'll find the best northern lights, and we also have a range of skilled companies here that can give you professionale guided tours. Read more about the northern lights HERE

Is it really light all through the night in the summer?

The midnight sun is a sight for sore eyes! The midnight sun has a special calmness and long summernights can bring both conversations and moments that you'll remember for a lifetime. You can see the midninghtsun when the sun in it's lowest point does not go under the horizon. The sun is in other words visible the entire day and night- as long as there's no clouds at least. The midnightsun is visible in our region from 23. May to 23. July.


We have several lovely campingsites in our region, either you travel to Senja or Dyrøy. Everyone offers tents and most of them offers cabins as well. Find your campingsite HERE

Otherwise it is possible to do free camping in Ersfjordstranda, right next to the famous "Golden Toilet" along national tourist road. When you visit our region we appreciate and expect that what you bring in to our nature, you'll also take home with you (or to the nearest waste bin). 

Happy Travelling and WELCOME to our region!

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