Atlantic Ocean Bathing and body rafting

Body rafting in a maelstrom
Body rafting in a maelstrom (ca 2h)

A short boat trip from Hamn, there is a maelstrom we love to take guests out to for a special experience. No swimming skills necessary, but we will “throw you in the sea”, and powered by nature you are soaring weightless through the maelstrom in a flotation suit. The stream is never dangerous – only strong enough to swirl you around in circles at it ́s best.Schedule is always adjusted to the tide.

206A Arctic ocean bathing

(1.5 h)

Almost just as fun, and your second option for an Arctic bath, try the flotation suit in the harbour. You float like a red cork and we guarantee you a good laugh, and a peaceful and playful moment in the sea. Good to combine with a visit in the hot tub afterwards, and maybe a real bath in the Arctic Sea to cool down
Address: Hamn i Senja, 9385 SKALAND
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