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Arctic Hike - Spectacular Northern Senja

Great hikes, delicious food and a relaxing stay at Hamn in Senja

This experience is fully packed with wonderful hiking tours, authentic meals and good opportunities for relaxation and socialisation.

Hike your way through Senja. With this package you will get the opportunity to experience guided hiking trips through the beautiful mountains of northern Senja.

You will get the opportunity to participate in five different hikes where you can choose between different levels of difficulty.

The meals provided gives you an authentic experience of Norther Norway. You will have good chances for social activities like beer tasting and relaxing in the jacuzzi and sauna.

* Transportation between Bardufoss Airport and Hamn i Senja
* Transport by bus and boat for the hikes
* All meals
* Guided hiking tours
* Accommodation at Hamn i Senja

What to bring: Pack list will be provided

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Number of guests: max. 20
Level: Easy Medium High
Address: hamnveien 1145, 9385 Skaland